12-18 Mile Range
19MPH Top Speed
Ride on any terrain

Specs and Pricing

Onewheel XR












Who we are

Go Onewheel Az is Arizona’s newest local Onewheel dealer owned by twin brothers Clint and Jared Sutter.

Natives to Arizona and local outdoor enthusiasts, Clint and Jared ride their OneWheels daily. The brothers share a sailing, kayak, and paddleboard shop on the dock at Pleasant Harbor Marina at Lake Pleasant. Go Sail Az is an ASA Sailing School and sailboat rental company and Go Paddle Az is a kayak and SUP rental company. “We’re identical twins, best friends, and business partners” -Clint

Captain Clint Sutter, owner of Go Sail Az since 2012 and USCG 100 Ton Master Licensed Captain, developed a knack for sailing instruction, wanted to shared it with others, and has since taught over 1000 students the craft. Clint was awarded Outstanding Instructor of the year in 2017 and remains one of the best in skill and instruction. Go Sail Az, Arizona’s ASA Sailing School, is located at Pleasant Harbor Marina and teaches basic level sailing on Lake Pleasant and advanced level sailing courses in Southern California, Florida, and Mexico.

Go Onewheel Az shares a similar story. “When I got my Onewheel, I wanted all of my friends to have one too, so we decided to have stock for anyone who wanted one… and everyone does. Becoming a Onewheel dealer in AZ was an easy decision after the first time I used mine to load a boat in Long Beach. What normally takes me 2 hours only took 30 minutes. Plus, it fits into a small dinghy to bring to shore wherever I sail.” -Clint

Jared Sutter, owner of Go Paddle Az at Pleasant Harbor Marina on Lake Pleasant, has been renting kayaks and paddleboards since 2012. Go Paddle Az is Paddle Fit certified and a member of the ACA. Go Paddle Az not only rents paddle equipment, they also provide full moon tours, and paddleboard Yoga. “I’m always in search of water, and I knew others were too so I wanted to provide an inexpensive way for a family or group of friends to spend the day boating.” -Jared.

Several GPAZ customers are also Onewheel owners which is one of the ways Jared decided to become a dealer in Arizona. Truly believing the Onewheel is in a class of it’s own, Jared dove in with 12 million questions and the decision became a no brainer: “I’m getting one and I’m making my friends get one too. We’re at home watching the game now while our ladies are out cruising…go figure.” -Jared.

Why we ride?

“Go Onewheel Az does sell Onewheels, but we ride too…everywhere. Why drive around in search of parking spots when you can park at a distance and ride the Onewheel to hit multiple locations in minimal time? Gone are the days of deciding on one place for dinner… this thing is the perfect pub crawl vehicle” -Clint and Jared.

Riding a Onewheel is like surfing or snowboarding. Whether you are moving slow through a crowd or getting technical on a trail, Onewheel is the ultimate floating experience that can not be compared to anything else on the market. It’s designed by snowboarders and surfers in Santa Cruz, California and rides like you’re on a wave or fresh powder. “Learning to ride only took 5 minutes. In 20 minutes, I was 3 miles from home moving confidently at about 6 mph. I’ve never been on a snowboard or skateboard so it seems crazy to feel so comfortable on it so quickly, but it’s (the Onewheel) so intuitive.” -Britny.

Meeting riders around town or on the Onewheel app makes finding trails and group rides a blast. To sum it up, Onewheel is a game changer on a daily basis and continues to be on every ride whether to the office, on a trail, or up the street to the market. There is no reason to drive, with a range of 20 miles, you can float!

From the Owners:

We don’t just sell Onewheels, we ride. It’s why we started Go Onewheel Az. Nothing beats hitting 5 happy hours in 90 minutes or a sunset ride through the foothills after work.

Any questions, call us at 602-904-0519. We have Onewheels in stock NOW.




    Call us at (602) 904-0519 or use the form below to send an email

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